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Lodging + Art… Update


In February of 2014, we posted an article on The GuestHouse.  At that time, Edie Barrett was completing the final touches on her newly purchased property which she planned to open in May.  (Article Link)

It is great to hear the impact that our businesses and organizations have on our area — so today we are sharing Edie’s note which was sent to the Artists that displayed their work in the GuestHouse this past year.

Dear Artists,

Thank you so much for being part of this year’s GuestHouse show! I received outstanding feedback from the clients, they thoroughly enjoyed the art. I would like to share with you a couple stories. The first story is from a family who was visiting from Yankton, South Dakota. They came to Ortonville specifically for the house. They have an eight-year-old son who has been recognized for his artistic talents in the state of South Dakota. The parents felt that staying in an art gallery would help to inspire him! The other story that warmed my heart came from returning clients from Iowa. They have two teenage children. During their stay at The GuestHouse, their teenagers said, “We love this house! Do you think Edie would sell it to us?” I believe what these teenagers were really responding to is the art. While I expect adults to appreciate the artwork, it is the children and teenagers who have surprised me. This year a few clients came to Ortonville specifically because of the house, these people had never been to the area before.

I would like to share with you some of the statistics from this year: The main website that I work off of (VRBO) received 1295 hits from May until now. All of the photographs of the house, and the 2015 show will remain online until the house is rephotographed in May of 2016. Last year, the total of website visits was 3,390. The Ortonville Chamber of Commerce has mailed approximately 1,000 postcards marketing the house. So between VRBO for a year and postcards, there will be approximately 4,390 marketing attempts, showcasing not only the house, but the art as well.

This year, three pieces of art were sold from The GuestHouse.

I believe this house is unique specifically because of the art of our regional artists. I deeply appreciate your generosity in showing your work. This year’s show was absolutely gorgeous! Every time I walked into that house I felt the beauty of all of the artists and their creative expression. Thank you so much for your contributions!