New Job Training Programs

Great meeting today with Kary Boerboom of the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council (who specialize in helping businesses source and train skilled employees) – she stopped in with information on the new work-based programs that are available to help businesses with their workforce needs.

Please read through the new programs below – and let us know if you would be interested in attending a business workshop to discuss your workforce needs along with a presentation and discussion with Kary of SWMNPIC on the programs that they have available.

Please respond to either –
Mary Hillman of the BSLA Chamber at 320-839-3428; or
Vicki Oakes of the Ortonville EDA and BSAG at 320-839-6155
or use the “Contact” page on the top line menu of this website

On-the-Job Training
You do the training and the employee does the learning.  The employee learns skills unique to your business and industry.  Your business is reimbursed up to 50% of the employee’s wage for the length of the contract.

Transitional Job Opportunities
A Transitional job is a short term, structured work experience that takes place at your work site.  You have an extra worker whose wage, worker’s compensation and FICA is paid by SWMNPIC for the duration of the transitional assignment.

Incumbent Worker Training
This business driven program is designed to provide direct financial assistance to train current employees and improve the economic competitiveness of your business.

Registered Apprenticeships (this is not just for union work!)
Registered Apprenticeship is a tried-and-true approach for preparing workers for jobs – and meeting the business needs for a highly-skilled workforce that continues to innovate and adapt to meet the needs of the 21st century.  Business that use apprenticeship reduce worker turnover by fostering greater employee loyalty, increasing productivity, and improving the bottom line.


Who is the Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council?

Check out a few interesting links for businesses – click here!



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