SoGoSurvey My Latest On-Line Tool Tip!

Are you looking for an on-line survey tool, check out!

The Ortonville EDA submitted a grant for technical assistance with the National Park Systems (NPS) to create a Park Plan for the City of and I needed a survey tool so that we could reach out to as many people as possible for input in this Plan.  More community input equals a better plan!  I’ve heard many mentions of Survey Monkey; however, when I checked out the cost of their fee – I decided to see if there were alternatives that would have a more reasonable subscription fee (of course I’m always looking for free!) yet still have easy-to-use forms and good reports.  As many of you know through the monthly Social Media Lunch program that we have held for our area business over the past year, I’m always looking for the best yet economical on-line tools!

SoGoSurvey is the one!  I created a draft Park Survey and sent it out for a trial run to the Park Board and a few other committee members to see how it worked (and get their input on additional questions we should be asking).  Worked great!  I am now updating the survey from the Committee’s input and the final survey will be hitting our website, social media accounts and sent out via e-mail very soon.  Watch for the survey – please fill it out to help the City create the Park Plan… and keep it in mind if you need to create a survey in the future!

This is our latest on-line tool tip!

Surveys are powered by Survey Tool
Provided by SoGoSurvey


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