Time to Start the Ortonville Parks’ Plan!


The Ortonville EDA applied for technical assistance from the National Park Service (NPS) – through their Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) program – which the City has been granted!

The Ortonville City Council, the Ortonville Planning Commission and the Ortonville Park Board all voted unanimously to support the City’s application for this assistance program to prepare a Park Plan.  The Ortonville EDA, Big Stone Area Growth (thanks to Vince Robinson for his additional assistance!) and the Arts Council Board all provided letters of support for the application.

Goal:  Prepare a Parks, Trails and Recreation Plan (Plan) for the City of Ortonville

This Plan is intended to guide the long range and comprehensive decision-making process.  The Plan will provide a view of what the community wants the parks, trails and recreational future to be and sets forth public statements that provide direction and guidance in the decision making process.  It will lay out a community vision for parks trails and recreation and an action plan for priorities.  In this Plan, Parks include all green spaces and such things as the golf course, hockey arena, etc. and would include things that are determined by the community to be of importance – such as the most recent interest for a Dog Park and the possibility of making the Cultural Center (Water Plant building at the north end of Lakeside Park).central-park

In order to keep the public aware and give opportunity for any and all who would like to be involved in this process, we have created a blog – www.ortonvilleparks.wordpress.com – so that everyone that is interested can view all discussions and information being reviewed and correlated throughout the process.  We are hopeful that this will also encourage more of the community to get involved and submit comments, suggestions or corrections to the historical information, etc.

We were asked to provide a map that included the park locations and provide some basic information about each park (the more information the better!) – which, again, in order to keep it accessible to anyone and everyone, we have created the map on Google Maps and have embedded the map on the blog.

Thanks to the information that has been provided through the Historical Society’s County book 1881-1981, the U of M Center for Small Towns ‘History of the Ortonville Park System’ and to Diane Dorry’s book which she has compiled through her years on the Ortonville Park Board, I have started adding the park information on the blog.  So, please – check it out and contact me (Vicki) at the EDA Office if you have information that you’d like included, suggestions for parks and if you’d like to be on the e-mail list and involved throughout the process.  Phone:  839-6155 or e-mail vicki@ortonvilleeda.com  or use the Contact tab at the top of our website. – keep in mind I’ve just started adding info… but you will see many updates during this week!

Make sure to bookmark the blog!  www.ortonvilleparks.wordpress.com 

Any and all input would be much appreciated – hope to hear from you soon!